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Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLSI)
Functions of the Institute
Members of the board of governors

Objects of the Institution (section 3)

(Established under the Sri Lanka Standards Institution Act, No. 6 of 1984)

3. The general objects of the Institution shall be-

(a) to prepare standards on national and international basis relating to structures, commodities, products, materials practices, and operations and from time to time revise, alter and amend the same and promote the general adoption of such standards ;

(b) to promote standardization and quality control in industry and commerce;

(c) to establish and maintain laboratories, libraries and provide relevant facilities for the purpose of furthering the practice of standardization and quality control;

(d) to make arrangements or provide facilities for the examination and testing of products, commodities and materials, including food and drugs, locally manufactured or imported, in order to determine whether they comply with the Code of Intellectual Property Act, No. 52 of 1979, or any other written law dealing with standards of quality or otherwise, as well as the examination of processes and practices used in the manufacture of locally produced products, commodities and materials;

(e) to make arrangements or provide facilities for the testing and calibration of precision instruments, guages and scientific apparatus, and for the issue of certificates in regard thereto so as to comply with the required standards;

(f) to provide or arrange facilities for undertaking research in connection with standardization and quality control;

(g) to operate a certification marks scheme in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Act;

(h) to certify the quality of commodities, materials, produce products and other things whether for local consumption or export;

(i) to encourage and promote standardization and quality control by educational, consultancy and other means ;

(j) to provide for co-operation with any person, association or organization outside Sri Lanka, having objects similar to those for which the Institution is established ;

(k) to co-ordinate the efforts of producers and users for the improvement of commodities, materials, products, appliances, processes and methods.

Powers of the Institution (section 4)

4. The Institution shall have and may exercise all or any of the following powers:-

(a) to acquire in any manner whatsoever and to hold, take or give on lease or hire, mortgage, pledge, sell or otherwise dispose of, any movable or immovable property;

(b) to apply for, purchase, receive by assignment or otherwise acquire in accordance with the laws for the time being applicable in that behalf any patents, brevets, inventions, concessions, licenses and the like, conferring exclusive, non-exclusive, or limited rights to use information as to any invention or discovery, and to develop, use, exercise, assign, transfer, sell, grant licenses in respect of, or otherwise turn to account, the property, rights and information so acquired ;

(c) to undertake to execute any trusts, or any agency business which may seem to the Institution conducive to the attainment of its objects ;

(d) with the permission of the owners to utilize the services of laboratories other than those maintained by the Institution and approve such laboratories, for the purpose of the Institution;

(e) to invest any moneys of the Institution not immediately required for any of its objects in such manner as may, from time to time be determined by the Council;

(f) to charge such fees for any services rendered, as may be determined by the Council; and

(g) to do all such things as are necessary for, or incidental, or conductive to, the attainment of the objects of the Institution or, necessary for or incidental to the performance of any functions or the exercise of any powers of the Institution or which are calculated directly or indirectly to enhance the value of, or render profitable, any of the property or rights of the Institution.

Members of the Council


Provision in statute

Date of Appointment

3 year Term ends on

Minister’s appointees


Mr. Kanchana Ratwatte,
7/18, 2nd Lane, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya

Section 6(1)(a) – Three members each of whom has distinguished himself in science, trade, industry or administration or otherwise specially qualified in relation to some aspect of the work of the Institution.

Section 7(1)- Chairman, appointed by the Minister from among the members (other than the DG).

July 30th, 2010

July 29th, 2013


Mr. E.G. Somapala
93/40 Gemunupura, Pelanwatte, Pannipitiya.




Mr. Jayantha Fernando
Legal Advisor, ICTA,
160/24 Kirimandala Mawatha, Colombo 05.



Representatives of designated Ministries/Departments/other Institutions


Mr. L.N. Senaweera, DG/SLSI
Vice Chairman,

Section 6(1)(i) – The Director General, ex-officio.
Section 7(2) - DG is the Vice Chairman




Mr. W.I. Tissera
Addl. D.G. Dept. of Public Finance

Section 6(1)(b) – Rep. from the General Treasury in consultation with the M/Finance.

30TH July 2010

29th July 2013


Prof. Sirimali Fernando,
Chairperson, NSF

Section 6(1)(c) – Rep. of the NSF in consultation with the Minister in charge of the Act.

30th July, 2010

29th July, 2013


Mr. Epa Dayaratne, Director
Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Section 6(1)(d)- Rep. of Ministry of Industries

31st Aug. 2010

30th Aug. 2013


Mr. M.M.P.K. Mayadunne
Addl. Secretary, M/Co-operaives and Internal Trade

Section 6(1)(e)- Rep. of M/Trade or a dept or statutory body under the M/Trade, in consultation with the Minister in charge of the subject.

9th Aug., 2010

8th Aug. 2013


Mr. D.L. Taldena

Section 6(1)(f)-Rep. of the Institute of Engineers from among a panel of three persons submitted by the Institute.

17th Sep. 2010

16th Sep. 2013


Dr. I.M.K. Fernando

Section 6(1)(g)- Rep. of the SLAAS, from among a panel of three persons submitted by SLAAS.

6th Oct. 2010

5th Oct. 2013


Mr. Kosala Wickramanayake

Section 6(1)(h)- Rep. of the FCCISL, from among a panel of three persons submitted by FCCISL.

8th Sep. 2010

7th Sept. 2013


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